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Our 3 values : Education. Yoga. Transformation.

1. Professional Teacher Training (next)

Yoga de la Vie - Services - Teacher Training

a) 200 hours MULTISTYLE

This training is for passionate yoginis who want to explore the rich spectrum of yoga’s colours, to get to the roots of this tree that is Hatha Yoga. We explore general principles that allow you to teach balanced yoga classes matching everybody’s needs and abilities. The program is rooted in the deep spiritual principles of the yoga lifestyle: "being yoga" rather than doing yoga. The program is based in the personal experience of the students through the journey of their own chakras.


Intensive Summer 2022

  • 1,2,3 - 16,17 - 30,31 JULY 2022
  • 13,14 - 27,28 AUGUST 2022
  • 10,11 - 24,25 SEPTEMBER 2022
  • 8,9,10 OCTOBER 2022 (retreat & graduation)

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE: rebate of 333$ on inscription for the first 10 students.

*** 2777$ + tax, in 4 payments before October 2022

***2888$ + tax in 8 payments before October 2022

A deux c'est Mieux : 2444$ + tax if you sign-up with a friend, up to 4 payments.

Including a CYA Canadian Yoga Alliance diploma of 200 hours training, as well as income taxes receipt and 30% off membership with Association for professional insurance.

b) YIN YOGA (40 HOURS) Devotion to the divine feminine

This training addresses yoginis who are particularly interested in celebrating the divine energy of the feminine and be part of the change we want to see in this world! Let's be co-creators of the new divine masculine energy being birthed on this planet and help both divine feminine and masculine energies heal together, unite so we can manifest a vibrant life and health in balance and truth!

40 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training:

  • 10 hours Traditional Yin Yoga approach (masculine energy of myofascial release)
  • 10 hours Progressive Yin Yoga approach (feminine energy of myofascial release- micro movements, unwinding approach)
  • 5 hours of Yoga Nidra & understanding nervous system, brain waves quantum physics
  • 5 hours of the mariage/ tantric union of both feminine and masculine approaches Yin Yang balance- biotensegrity model.
  • 5 hours fascias and meridians, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda wisdoms, Taoism and Tantra philosophies
  • 5 hours teaching Yin Yoga, and how to apply yin in daily living

Investment in yourSelf: 488$ plus taxes, including diploma and official income taxes receipt.

2. Other Services (previous)

Yoga de la Vie - Services - Workshops

The principal focus of the School of Yoga of Life being the teacher training as well as assisting life transformation, here is a list of modalities of services also offered occasionally during the year:

  • Retreats
  • Yoga danse and flow
  • Workshops and conferences (holistic health, nutrition, meditation, etc)
  • Full moon meditations
  • Yoga classes
  • Goddesses circle
  • Energy treatment
  • Shamanic ceremonies
  • Intuitive chanelling

Please consult our calendar and contact us in order to organize together and co-create the event or healing your heart is dreaming of!