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What's the best about yoga? It means to unite and soothe your life with LOVE!

“The first decades of my life were marked by abuse, isolation and death. Finally, I discovered the spiritual healing of yoga. Today, I live a happy life surrounded by loving friends and my amazing family.

The ultimate lesson I learned: love dissolves our struggles in life. My passion and purpose is helping you reach that release.”

– Celine Gingras

You Aren't Alone to Wish More of these 3 Values in Your Life NOW...

Education | Community

Family and community are the foundation of a balanced and happy life. Nothing grows without love, support and loyalty that like-minded spirits provide. Community means compassion, belonging and inspiration with awesome role-models and mentors.


The practice of yoga brings serenity and health to body and soul. Together, we pursue holistic healing through meditation and yogic techniques, bringing you spiritual harmony, discipline and habits that give your life structure and meaning.

Transformation | Healing

The ultimate goal. With the support of our community and the practice of daily yoga, we create the life we deserve: an open road, with us at the steering wheel. We are in the mastery zone! We pursue our purpose.

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with Sound, Gong and Cacao voyage


NEXT OPPORTUNITY: SUNDAY 6th of June 2021 - in Sutton, Québec





Voices from the Community

Here's what our friends say!

“Celine is a huge inspiration for me. That’s in part due to her life’s story, her great integrity and generosity, and in part due to the happiness and gratitude she radiates.”

– Caroline L. Germain

Join the Community and Heal!

Feel so blissed out on Life that your friends rebaptise you "GRATITUDE"!

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South Shore of Montreal’s spiritual guide for transformation

Yoga de la Vie
Celine Gingras

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